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Hagon GLO T8 Twin Starter Unit


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has anyone had any experiance with the Hagon GLO T8 Twin Starter Unit




i bought one and also bought marine white and marine blue tubes. i set it up and it only lit up the blue tube. so i switched them in the holders to work out if it was the starter unit or the bulb and again only the blue lit up. the blue worked in both and the white did not work in any. i phoned the guys i got it off who kindly sent me another white tube i set it up again today and i have exactly the same problem. the blue works in both holders and the new white does not work at all.


the bulbs i am using are






does anyone know what i am going wrong?

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sorry ive posted this in the wrong place.

is it possible for an admin to move it to the correct place

sorry again

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