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Tank stand done!


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So the tank stand is done for the most part, going to put another coat of black on it then a sealer. Kinda overkill but used a box frame on the top and bottom of 2x4's with a middle I-beam, 4x4's for legs, and oak plywood for top and bottom shelving. Measurements for the top is 36x18 and i'll be doing a 20L so i get a few inches on each side, something else I wanted rather than tank edge to edge and leaves room to maybe go to a 30 Breeder down the road.


Lowes had "scrap" plywood and literally gave it to me since they could not sell it and the rest of the materials cost me under $70 so not bad for a strong tank stand. For now I like the open look of it and don't think I will close it in but something I can change in the future if I really wanted too.


Sorry if the pic is crappy but had to resize it and didn't seem to come out good, the pic that is.



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