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Meep's 5g with clam


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-5 gallon glass aquarium (Aqueon)
-50 watt glass Jager heater
-DIY led with 6x royal blue and 6x neutral white
-Aqueon power filter 10
-Hydor pico evolution mini 200
-Red Sea Coral pro salt

FTS 2-14-13:

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Look at the c10 heater by marina. Its inexpensive and holds right at 78F. I had one in a 2g. Its also tiny.


Look at the hydor pico powerhead. Its excellent and smaller than the 900 I think. I use one in my 12g and I still have to use the dial to turn it back a bit.


Over a 5 do 1 cool white and 3 royal blue and it will look awesome - sharp and bright. If you prefer a softer more yellow tone, use a neutral instead of cool.


I like reefcrystals salt. It mixes awesome and is available locally.

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I used reef crystals, but the kalk was WAY too high for my taste. Freshly mixed was about 14-16 dkh.

I am poor, so the 900 was the best for the price. I know the hydor might've been better, but keep in mind the AC50 will provide plenty of flow as well.


The heater is only 10 watts.


And according to the gu10 thread, 1:1 is best. I have some flexibility though in what combination. Gu10s are great that you can switch out bulbs whenever.

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The AC50 is a good filter for the money. I have one. Good flexibility with inTank basket. Get one for a mini fuge. Keep the info. coming.

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While waiting for the supplies to arrive...

pics of my terrarium!



















That pretty cool. How long has it been setup for

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I can't mess up, or I will have to wait for 5 years and move out before I can get another.


Sounds harsh!!! I hope no drama with this tank!

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Reef Hollister

900 in a 5 gallon may be too much flow if there is such a thing. It will be a flow of hurricane proportion anyways. If it helps your budget any, I would feel safe in saying you could downgrade to less flow and use the savings for something else.


Another bit of advice from an old man for you. When engaging adults you don't know in conversation or communication, try to steer away from using the term retarded when referring to yourself. I'm sure you don't mean to offend anyone, but the parents of mentally challenged children take offense to this. I learned this from friends that have challenged children. Seeing what they go through makes me bless the Lord each day for my two children who are as normal as teens can be. This is not a mistake of epic proportion, but you will find that you can get more things in life, often based on who did I piss off the least. Good luch with the tank. We want to see it all the way through.

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People that get offended at the word retarded are incredibly petty, you don't wanna associate yourself with them anyway. They just have to have something to get upset about.

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Ditch the maxi-jet and get a little Hydor Koralia.


Very nice CPs!

I apologize for using the word retarded. I didn't realize it could have an adverse affect on some people.


Why would I ditch the maxi-jet? I have used them for awhile and the fact that they can be changed to suit your needs really sells them to me. The koralias are overpriced and not as effective in comparison. Anyway, I am using it in powerhead mode so a 900 only gives out 230 gph. About 46x flow. Plus, I might add a hydor flo if the flow is too much.


makes me bless the Lord each day for my two children who are as normal as teens can be.

As normal as kids of a reefer can be. :P


Sounds harsh!!! I hope no drama with this tank!

Yup. Waiting 5 years=leaving house.

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Why would I ditch the maxi-jet?


The new ones are poorly made, unreliable, and take up too much room in a nano. If you have an old one kicking around (one of the Italian made ones) the construction and reliability are much better. That wouldn't solve the space issue, but it would eliminate two of the "strikes" against it.


I have three of the new ones (a 1200, 400, and 900) and they are rubbish: parts come out of alignment, pop off, are noisy, and they just quit working on occasion. I have two small Koralia nanos, and they far outperform the Maxi Jets (though they are still a far cry from my two MP10s) and they don't take up as much room in the tank. Your space is pretty limited in a 5 gallon, and something a little more streamlined, smaller, and visually appealing will improve the aesthetics of your display (quality and build issues notwithstanding, of course).


Honestly, I think the little Tunze Nanostream powerheads are a much better option, but they are not as cost effective as the Hydors . . . And the nominal increase in performance and aesthetics over the Hydors would probably not justify the cost at this point for you.

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I have bought to maxi-jet 400s in a 6-month period... both are silent and I have never cleaned them. I gave one to my friend who was setting up a cube, and it did fine.

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Yay! stuff is here-

but my parents don't want to diver me to the store. Plus, I have camp from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM for 3 days!

But I installed new leds on my terrarium today.

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Yay! stuff is here-

but my parents don't want to diver me to the store. Plus, I have camp from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM for 3 days!

But I installed new leds on my terrarium today.

There's much better plants you can grow at home. And you can make a killing selling the "frags". ;)

BTW you mom called and said for you to go to bed.

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New FTS.

Plus, the inside of my wavemaker. Unfortunately, it drains about a third of my tank water and puts it back in during its cycle, so it looks like I'm going to have a tidepool.


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It looks cluttered because I don't really care how the outside looks. The point is for it to look really impressive just to keep a tiny box of ocean alive.

Anyway, I am currently building a hood for the gu10s and figuring out a way to mount the wavemaker better.

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Just ignore the fruitless posts by the people who are apparently incapable of giving constructive feedback.


Your terrarium looks great!


In all honesty, I think you should find a different way to filter your tank. The whole bucket on top and giant pipe in the tank doesn't look too aesthetically pleasing. I think it will be tough to work around that thing. It takes up a lot of your real-estate.

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