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Yet Another Happy Customer!


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Have you ever had an unhappy customer? haha


My order arrived on time and in great shape. I ordered the 10 gallon package for my 10 gallon frag tank that is looking pretty rough. I really appreciate the extras you throw in and my DT will be happy to adopt them as soon as the frag tank looks better. Everyone is acclimated, in the tank, and starting to move around. I'm guessing the 10 dwarf cerith snails is an estimation and I'm a huge fan of how you estimate. I also ended up with a hermit crab in my Florida ceriths that survived the priority shipping just fine.


Thank you sir for running such a stellar business. If other businesses would pick up your business model there wouldn't be any complaints in these forums.

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I was just gonna do the same thing. Got my 2nd order from John. HOLY CRAP. I couldn't be happier yet again. Everything came in and seems alive. Plenty of extras. And the "sample" food is insane!!!! I got a HUGE container of it. When I asked for a sample I figured it would be a pinch in a bag. Nope. Got a full container. Will last me a year easily. haha.


Thanks ALOT John. You run a stellar business.



BTW any possibility of shipping hermits priority? People say they survive and I've had them survive before too. You are the master tho. If there is a chance shoot me a PM. I need a few more of them.

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Thanks Eddie, glad it went well.


Few hermits, to NY or another 2 day all the time type place is OK. Other than that I prefer not to risk them.

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