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Center bracing?


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I have 3 x 33 Gallon tanks and none of them have center bracing which i understand come that way. But they bow too much for me to use a glass cover to limit evaporation, around 3/16s i'd say at center on the 36" long sides. So with having kids in the house, im not too comfortable with that much bowing and figured a center brace may help me kill two birds with one stone.


so now that comes to the planning. What do i use, what layout?

i know i want a thin strip on each side to better support a glass cover, but i dont know if i want to use two bands in the middle or one larger wider one. Also how will these strips affect the lighting if i already will be placing a glass cover over the top?


I'm also open to other solutions that could be removable to brace the tank and let me install a glass cover

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Hate to rez this topic, but perhaps someone may have some insight that can help me with this, im going to a glass shop this weekend so a little help would be appreciated

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