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Nanotuners gone? What's next in line?


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I've been out of the hobby for 5 years and now back into it. Just set up a Nanocube DX and looking to do some upgrades on lighting and filteration etc... Sadly I found out that Nanotuners has been shut down and the owner is working for JBJ now? An employee at a LFS told me this. Not sure if its true.


Is there a company that everyone goes to now that is similar to Nanotuners? Ive been researching for days and no luck.

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i think a lot of popel are taking off the tops aswell and using AI SOL or Radion(if you have the $$) if youve got the balls to go rimless it looks really nice..

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Thank you for the helpful replies. I guess nothing really fully replaced nanotuners although rapid LED is great in the light department for nano tanks. I noticed they did not have a nanokit for the NC 12g.


@Seabass, yeah I saw those on ebay too. Very pricey. RapidLED looks like a better option. Thank you.


@Rymah, I trying to avoid going topless because Im growing to like the closed top. My last tank was topless but I was having ridiculous evap probs and fish jumping out of my tank and drying up on the carpet. Two true percs have done this in the past. Odd right? I also like that fact that it's keeping the light from leaking into my room. I've seen some people buy legs for the stock hood to lift the hood about 3-4" from the tank? This may be good for me because I will allow me to have a HOB skimmer and/or refugium. I feel that the 2nd chamber is just way too small for growing macro and making a difference in nitrate/phosphate levels. HOB devices will also add volume to my tank. After LR LS the NC was actually only 8 gallons give or take. Decisions Decision. Wonder where I can get those legs to prop up the hood.


I heard nanotuners had a moonlight fix for the NC 12g and 24g. I cannot believe how it's wired to where the moonlights will also shut off if the pcs are on a timer. Unbelieveable. I felt I was failed when I received the tank.


So many options so little $$$ :unsure:

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2 panorama pro models (ecoxotic) 445 blue and 12k/445 combo. individual dimmers & power supplies. (dusk/dawn) will fit right inside where the PCs would normally go.

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