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So I plan on buying my PVC parts tomorrow and was wondering waht the best method for flow is.


So far, my "blue print" has 3 elbows per drain at 1" (its a herbie system), with 1 ball valve for each.


Now my concern is this, 1) how do I connect the PVC to the sump, 2) how do I make sure how much length I need, and 3) is this enough or should I not use 3 90 deg elbows?


Also, do you guys generally use an elbow that connects to your bulkhead with the threads on the outside of the elbow or the inside of the elbow? and should I get a 90 deg regular elbow?


PS: What type of cement should I use that is safe?


my bulkheads threads seem to be super damn tight and I emailed GH.com about this and I got this response...


the fittings are tapered pipe thread and may not necessarily go all the way in, make sure to use teflon lumbers paste or tape on all threaded connections.


They dont even go half way in.

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1. the drain line comes into the sump and hangs there. it doesnt attach to the sump. pick up some pipe hangers and attach the pvc to the stand so that it is secure.


2. do all the plumbing but dont glue it. this is incase u cut something wrong it can be easily replaced. once ur happy with it glue it up. 3 90* elbows should be fine.


just buy the glue pack for pvc at the local bigbox. it comes with both a purple primer and the glue.


it will be easier to use a 90* elbow with the threads on the outside. pick up extra plumbing parts. they r cheap and u can return them it u dont use them. nothing sucks like being almost done plumbing ur tank and running out of a fitting u need and the store is closed.


sounds normal the bulkhead and fitting done screw all the way in. they r tapered meaning the more u tighten the tighter the parts fit together. if u use the plastic thread wrap instead of paster make sure u wrap it counter clock wise on the thread so it doesnt come loose as u tighten the parts.

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sorry I didn't mean sump, I meant skimmer loll.


The emergency line hangs over the sump, does it matter which baffle compartment it goes over?


also, I want to have a pipe line for water changes, should I have the T on the drain or the return for a water change?

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Well, isn't that how it is supposed to work reefone? (first skimmer I have had I'm assuming they all work this way)

no. some skimmers can be hooked up directly to your over flow drain or you can use a small pump to feed the skimmer.this kind of skimmer will also have a pump that only adds air to the water. this is called gravity feed. some skimmers have a pump built on that will add the water and air at the same time. also you have recirculation skimmers that can sit outside of the sump and in sump skimmers that will need to sit at a certain depth to work properly.


what brand skimmer do you have? if you have one that can be gravity feed then you will need to set the drain up a certain way so you can adjust the flow into the skimmer and let the extra water that doesnt make it into the skimmer flow into the sump.


if thats the kind of skimmer you have lmk and i can get some pics of how my drain line is set up to run a gravity feed skimmer.

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I have the SCA-301 skimmer, the "manual" i saw come wiht this, assuming thats hte one looked like a 5 year old drew it with crayon.

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if its the one i pulled up on google then that is a in sump model. you will need to make a section of your sump for it and make sure it is deep enough for the skimmer. from my reading u want to run it about 7-8". u can have the water deeper and place the skimmer on an eggcrate stand.

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Yes, the sump needs to be in the water, therefore do I have to have a PVC connected to it or the PVC should just stop above the skimmer section and have the water drop into that department?

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So how does the skimmer shoot out skimmed water into chamber 2 if there is unskimmed water coming in and mixing as well?

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most time skimmed water is just put back into the same chamber. try to adjust the skimmer so the intake pump is by the tanks dain line and skimmed water drain from the skimmer is pointed towards the baffles in the sump for chamber 2. some times if the skimmers drain is tall enough to make it over the baffles you can extend the drain line to dump in chamber 2.

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