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Cultivated Reef

I dont have any type of Moonlight , what do you recomend?


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I dont have any type of moonlight currently, and i would love to be able to see a TINY bit of what is going on at night, plus its just natural to have moonlight, so im sure its beneficial to the corals and fish. I have a 17 gallon tank, 24" long, 14 inches deep, 12 wide. Do you guys have a favourite model? i dont really want to DIY for this, would prefer to just buy it. And also, what color do you like? blue, or white? and if you could PLEASE tell me why you like that color better, and is there any benefits of one over the other? I dont want something too bright of course, just the standard moonlight type, very subtle, just like natural moonlight. I have 2 clownfish, 1 lawnmower blenny, and a few corals, my tank is only about 6 months old, so its not super stocked with corals yet, im kind of going slow with my additions, i am only buying things that really pop color wise, so im pretty lightly stocked at this point, i will be getting an RBTA as the next livestock purchase i think.


I appreciate the help everyone, you guys always lead me in the right direction !!

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Check out TrueLumen led moon light strips, work really well and don't cost all that much. I would go for blue instead of white, kinda natural if you ask me and I figured it would be since most lights come with blue moon lights. Hope this helped.

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I've heard mixed reviews on the True Lumen moonlights but I have heard nothing but good about the R2 solutions moonlights. As far as color most people do blue but I have seen a blue/white combo that looked pretty decent before. If it were my tank I would get the R2 set in blue. It's not overkill but gives you just enough light to see inside your tank granted I've only seen pics online and we all know how how well our cameras represent true colors. I'm interested in what you choose as I'm in the market for some moonlights myself.

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