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Laxb0rder's DIY 10g AIO Build


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Hey all I like to always be working on something or have a project going on so I decided to set up a DIY 10g Nano All In One. I was originally going to rip the top off and go rimless but I decided against that for this tank, but I do have plans to do a cool rimless build, with a 15 tall but more on that later. With the help of a few local reefers I now have a 10g with a false wall set up on the left side going to 2 rear chambers. One for an overflow and the other to act as a return. Off the return chamber I have a Hydor FLO connected to a power head in the return chamber. The rotation of this created some awesome flow in the tank when I tested it out last night.


So far I only have one problem when I tested it out last night the water level in the tank was a little higher then I would like it to be, and because of how my chambers are set up if I remove water the water level in my return goes down but not in the display. So I'm wondering how I can changes this do I need to take my dermal to the over flow and allow more to flow over or my baffle? I will connect some pictures to help out with this in a little bit.


I plan to run an ATO on this build and as of now have a small 24” 2 blub t5hO zoomed fixture over the tank this will eventually be switched out for some LED’s when I have the money for that. And when it starts to get colder I will get a small heater to throw in the back chamber but I don’t need that as of yet. I may also build a turf scrubber at some point for it, keeping up with the fun of building and some DIY and learning as much as I can.


For stocking the tank I plan to have a bare bottom and maybe one piece of live rock that I would like to cover in cool mushrooms and zoas. A mushroom garden is the plan I think they look cool and grow fast. I will also fill the return chamber with live rock. As of now I don’t think I will be keeping any fish in here maybe a few snails or hermit crabs possibly a shrimp.


I will probably also use this smaller tank to help with my move back to school in September as it will be easier to do water changes in a smaller tank to keep everything happy and I won’t have to worry as much about any spikes right after the move.


Ill post some pictures of the build later and keep you updated when it’s up and running.


Here are some pics I'll add more of it full / running later.








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