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Water steins on aquarium-removing it


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So as I left my tank outside after I had drilled the herbie holes, the next morning i came to see their were water steins on the tank as the sprinklers went off on it.


What is the safest and best way to remove these?


Usually, I'd use lemon but anyone have a good method/safe one for the tank?

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You should be fine using a lemon or vinegar.....just make sure to completely rinse the tank when you are done. After rinsing it, the remaining residue isn't really going to make 1 bit of a difference it is so diluted!

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Honestly, you'd be fine using regular tap water, or a mix of tap water/white vinegar if you have some really bad ones. Wipe it down afterwards with a microfiber cloth and you're set.

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I need to clean my sump tank as well as it crashed 2 years ago without knowing why and i dont want to risk using it without cleaning it properly.


I use white vinegar for that as well correct? I can just buy 1 bottle for the DT water stein and the sump than.

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when water dries, the minerals basically don't come off the glass if you let that water sun dry instead of wiping it off.


I don't have this problem anymore as I just found out during my 2nd leak test on the stand that the bottom had a leak so I took it back and exhcanged it and just drilled my herbie holes for a 2nd time.

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