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Detritus build up under rocks and frags?

jonny roks

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Detritus build up under rocks and frags?


So recently i have noticed a lot of detritus under and around the edges of my rock/frags. When i siphon or turkey baste it out it immediately turns to dust.


I have been noticing a lot of it. Basically anything i lift up has it. I've never really had this issue with past tanks and wonder whats causing so much of it. i have very good flow in each of my tanks and have a pretty good clean up crew including shrimps.


As for livestock i only have 3 fish - a sm clown, a sm firefish, and a tanaka wrasse. - i do not overfeed & i am running 2 reactors - 1 for GFO and 1 for CARBON.


My total tank volume is relatively low since i have made some changes to my setup [roughly 25gallon total] and skimmerless atm because the one i bought will not fit. [duh] i do 5 gallon water changes a week and pretty much free of algae [besides bubble] all my levels are near spot on.



I'm actually pretty confident running the tank skimmerless, but i plan to add one within the next few weeks so i can increase my feedings.

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