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Coral Vue Hydros

Survey Says......


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Greetings! I know this isn't an introductions forum but it's as good a place as any, right? I have had these guys in my tank for 11+ years and I have changed my mind a few times on what they really are...




EVERYONE is going to say hairy mushroom and that's what I think too but every one i see at the LFS doesn't seem to have a mouth in the center. I have one that is about 8" totally open. Here is the rest of the tank to show how many there are...




that pic was taken in the morning before they were all fully open.


btw if you want any, and you are in the North Texas are, hit me up...

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Me :HMMMM ummmmm Hairy Mushroom

Louie Anderson: Good answer, good answer


Louie: Survey says!!!!

DING: Hairy/Elephate ear Mushroom 80


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