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Bleached Dry Rock


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Hello and thank you for reading and responding to my posting!


I purchased a tank about a week ago that came along with some live rock that the owner had bleached. So its no longer live rock.


I hadn't intended to use the rock but i the like the shapes and think i could do a nice aquascape with them.


So to make them safe i started by soaking the rocks in fresh water, i changed the water twice that day, and let it sit all day and over night. The next morning i replaced the water again, then that afternoon i changed the water but this time using dechlorinated tap water.


Now they have been sitting in the sun for 3 days and are completely dry. They no longer smell like bleach at all, like they had when i first got them.


Do you think they are safe to use? if not what should i do in order to make them safe?


Thanks again!

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I would add a few pounds of LR in a bucket with a power head and cure them and just check for any foreseeable trouble as your rock cures then add it if not.

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If you have soaked and declorinated the rocks to the point where there is no odor it should be ok. I would have recommended another load of dechlorinated (or rather dechlorinator added tot he bucket as to cover the rocks also) soaking with a power head in for circulation for a few days. There really was no need to dry out the rocks after they were cleached and dechlorinated.. they were as dead then as they are now after the drying out.


Only real way to know if they are safe is to soak em in RO water and use a chlorine test kit to see if its still leeching from the rocks.

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yes they r safe to use. i bleached 250# of lr. after the bleach bath i soaked it in tap water for 2 days then let them dry out. if any of the bleach left it will evaporate off as the rock dries out.once dry i cycled them in my new tank.

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