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S. Haddoni in 12 long?


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Theoretically, would one even fit?


I have a mr. aqua 12 long in the works and was thinking maybe down the line getting a carpet as a centerpiece, or an only-piece. Assuming parameters are in check, in a perfect world with no fluctuations at all and everything, would one even physically fit in a 12 long? It's 36x9x8.5.


No need to discuss nems in a small tank, I've read all the theads (and keep nems myself, so I've done my research) I just want to know if it's even feasible?



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It wouldn't physically fit once it's full grown, though you could one temporarily if you knew someone with a very large tank who would take it later down the road.


Carpets aren't exactly a nem you want to have in a regular tank though. My friend's dad has a few hundred gallon tank with a red S. haddoni. It was fine for a couple years, but once the nem started to get fairly large, all corals in it's path were destroyed and the fish started disappearing. Last I heard, the only thing left in the tank was the anemone

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That's what I figured, the tank is going to be a nem/sexy shrimp tank so there wouldn't be anything for it to eat or kill.


Thanks for the insight :)

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Go with maxi carpets, if your wanting a nem and invert tank, more color options and can add alot more of them.

Here's my 5 gallon maxi carpet and shrimp tank


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Pshhhh I wish there was some kind of dwarf molamola.. they're my favorite. So derpy looking :)

I would sell my soul for a dwarf mola mola.

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I wouldn't put one in there, it's just too narrow. Even a 40 breeder would be a stretch if it's only 18" wide, but you may be able to go with it despite the footprint. You'd also need a sump significantly larger than the display to get a reasonable amount of water volume... I've found that a haddoni in a small tank is fine until you start feeding it on a regular basis, then you need extreme nutrient export to keep the tank looking decent and keep the nutrient levels undetectable.

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