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Metaframe 2.5g Pico build


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A friend of mine found this at a garage sale and bought it for me because he knew I was into aquariums and thought it looked neat. I'm leak testing it at the moment and crossing my fingers, if it does leak I've resealed a 10g Metaframe before. I plan on making it a macro tank with a couple of peppermint shrimp and using equipment I already have.

For equipment so far I have a Hydor Theo 25w heater, Beam Works 11" 9x1 LED, TOM Aquarium Rapids Mini Canister which I plan on putting live rock rubble on one side and Chemipure/Purigen on one side, and a Aquahub ATO kit. I'm currently switching from a 20H to a 33L so I'm going to use the sand and rock from the 20H. I plan on putting a PVC surface skimmer in the corner big enough so I can hide the heater in it.

Here's a couple of pictures



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