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2 week old 10g Nano


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Hello all,

Well I am 2 weeks in to my first ever attempt at saltwater and here is what I have so far....

20 lbs live rock 2" (20lbs) live sand

Aqua Clear 70 as a refugium ( housing only foam pad and heater right now )

2 hydor koralia nano's (240gph)



CUC: 1 peppermint shrimp, 5 nassarius, 5 astrea, 2 red legged hermits, 1 electric blue hermit and 1 emerald crab


Water Parameters:

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 1.6

Nitrate: 30

KH: 120

Calcium: 340

Phos: 0


I know I am still going through the cycling phase, buy would like some feedback on how it looks so far.



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Not to shabby for only a week. Like any other cycle the nitrates will be really high mine were 80-100ppm for a good portion of it...Very nerve wrecking lol. Good luck im only a few months into my first saltwater myself i cant tell you how awesome it has been. This site has been a life saver for me on multiple occasions USE IT :happy:

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