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Coral Vue Hydros

4.5 Gallon AIO full DIY cube


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First of all some information:


Tank :


9.8"/11.8"/11.8" with build in back 2" sump

Vieweble area is 9.8"/9.8"/11.8"

In the sump:

1st sector - Skimmer

2nd sector - coarse aragonite sand

3th sector - activated carbon and return pump


Lightning :


1pcs 10watt 20k LED and two 0.2w led strips for moonlight


Stocking :


Hammer coral - Green with purple tips

2-3 types of Toadstool coral

Sinularia coral

few frags of zoas

small frag Acanthastrea lordhowensis

small frag Favites sp.

two types of GSP

and one Ricordea yuma

few small Abalones




Manual top off every morning, change 0.7g water from 270g system every other week + change of activated carbon.


In close future:


Change the 20k Led with 10watt Hybrid super actinic Led. Because I don't like the colours that corals shows.

The growth is more than good but the colours are in the brown end of the scale ;)


Here is FTS:


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The Skimmer is one form a old pico kit that I Have. It's from Skimz iBox nano.

The mantis is a spearer Pseidosquilla ciliata and will remain small about 10cm.

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