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Coral placement ..


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I am having trouble with coral placement on 2 pieces of coral , they are the tyree meteor shower cyph and a wwc incredible hulk leptoseris ...... I had them both at the top of the tank when I first put them in and I had my lights to high so I put them on the bottom because the lepto shrunk alot . So now the lepto is about 3 inches up on a piece of rock and its kinda browning . The tyree is on the bottom on a piece of rock and part of it is dying off . My setup is 1 ai nano on a biocube 14 . I know is the lights thats the problem because I have ora green birdsnest in there with perfect color and polyp extension . I learned that all of my acans have to be on the bottom because they hated the light as well . I have the lights on 6% white 42% blue 28% royal at the peak . When I started the lights were at 15% whit 100% blue 100% royal :blush: not good . My question is where should I put the corals in the tank ?

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My encrusting monti likes it on a rock about 1/3 up, but off to the side, where the light isn't so bright.


Since you shocked them with too much light, they shed a bunch of zooxanthellae. When you moved them down, they couldnt get enough nutrients and added more zoox, hence the browning. You'll need to move them back up slowly, or start increasing your lights again slowly. It's going to take weeks or months to show improvement. It's not something you can gauge on a daily basis.

I don't think i acan turn the lights up to much because of my acans ..... That makes sense what you said though I shall start putting them up higher ..

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