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$20 Auto Top Off Sun Tea Jar


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You see, I have a little bit of a problem. Recently, I received a 3 gallon JBJ pico tank. I love it, but evaporation is an issue. I've been doing daily top offs with RO/DI water, but I really am in need of a ATO system. Not to mention, I will be going on vacation soon! I would invest in an ATO system, but I am running out of aquarium funding :angry: .... However, the Reef Guardian Angel brought me to this link:




No moving parts means practically fail-proof... Wait! I still need to build this thing.


Let's GO!


*Disclaimer* I haven't actually built this yet...so wait, and I will give you the results!


Equipment Breakdown:


$10 = 2.5 Gallon Cool Beverage Container

$2.45 = 5 feet of 1/8 inch tubing

$2.95 = 5 feet of 1/4 inch tubing

$4.79 = Silicon Waterproof Glue

$.79 = Rubber Stopper (I don't actually know if this is necessary yet..)


Total = $20.98 + Tax

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I will defiantly use this for my 4.37gal pico I am setting up "slowly" now. Awesome idea, i tried it once in the past but did not work because the tubing I used was to small.

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It should work, and for the rubber stopper you're going to need it because the system needs to be air tight in order for the siphon to work properly so sealing the lid and having a stopper where you can remove to refill the jar is the idea behind its necessity.

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I think it would work, but if you messed up on using the top off tube too high or it slipped, you would be instantly screwed.

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