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Does my Yellow Clown Goby have Ich?


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I just got back from school and notice the goby was a bit pale. Looked up close and it looked like his coat has fallen off or there are bumps on his skin.


Whats wrong with him?






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I don't think so. I have 2 of them and mine looked like this one time when I got lazy on my water changes. I cleaned up my tank and feed them a bunch they looked fine after a few weeks.

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How is he behaving? Still eating and acting normal?



the first night I brought him back from the LFS, the next morning i found him stuck on my water intake grill. After that he looked pretty scared to swim around but he seems better until I came back from class last night and it looks like he has yellow bumps. He has been just lay on the rocks.


I think he eats a little when I put brine in the tank.

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I would set up a qt and treat him. If he's acting like that and you just got him from a lfs theres a good chance he's sick. I know yellow clown goby most of the time comes in the trade very skinny and might not eat. is he eating?


Edit* just saw that he might be eating.

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Well, first off, the reason he just "lays there" is because he doesn't have a swim bladder - these fish are perchers. They pick a spot and perch. They'll move a bit at some point and perch somewhere else, but they very, very rarely get into the water column and swim.



These things come in a bit "weary from the road" on the way to the LFS (where they probably sold him to you in the same week they got it in), so you usually need to make sure to feed them high-protein food to bring them back to health. Brine is ok (live, baby or enriched), but mysis are much more nutritious - see if you can find any Hikari brand mysis at Petco or an LFS, they should be plenty small enough for him to munch on.

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