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Custom LED Light Strips Enough for Corals?


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I purchased (through work) 4 LED light strips that are 12" long each. Each strip has 18 LED's. 2 Strips are 460nm blue, and 2 are 6500k white.


Each LED is 60 milliwatts, and every 3 LEDs is 9-11 lumens.


My question is, on a 15g Column tank, what corals can I successfully keep?

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You can successfully keep....fish. :-) You need a lot more power than that to keep corals. These strips are for general lighting, not reef tanks.

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I was afraid of that answer...


I have a few corals but they are not really growing, figured the light had a lot to do with that.


Could I add more of the strips or would that be useless. There are not many options for lighting this tank appropriately.

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get a par bulb



I would have to go topless with a PAR bulb, which the GF would not like much at all. Plus my fish would be eating cat hair on a daily basis ;)


Would a PAR bulb be adequate on such a tall tank (think it's 18" tall)?

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possibly. all tanks should have a cover of some sort since all fish will jump.


Agreed. Clowns are not known for jumping but better safe than sorry. All I have is clowns.


I could DIY some kind of PVC frame with wide mesh screen, and look into these PAR bulbs. Do you recommend anyrhing in particular?

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My clown jumped. Now I have a mesh top on my rimless from bulkreefsupply.


That's perfect. I wonder if HD has anything I could use that won't have to ship. I know they have the DIY screen kits.


So PAR38 or more expensive LED (creed, etc,) are my only options it looks like.


Any recommendations on PAR bulbs and how many I would need?

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What degree optics would I want with this size tank? I don't want any kind of spotlighting. A nice, even coverage is what I am after.


I have looked at the BoostLED , LEDTRiC Tri-Color, and Ecoxotic 18w TriColor. Which is the best?

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