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My new clowns


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I just got a couple of new clowns to pair with my existing two. I had a regular ocellaris and a black and white both from ORA. The new ones I ordered from sustainable aquatics (throug Petco I work at) are a snowflake and a black ice. I paired the snowflake with the regular clown (which I guess is raceist since she refused to pair with the black one after months but bonded with the snowflake in hours) and the black ice with the black and white. Which also got me thinking, at least with Petcos prices, $40 black and white + $50 snowflake = $110 black ice... they really get you dont they. Luckily I get a discount and had a 25% off coupon from tropical fish mag for salt water fish...SCORE!

black and white with his new black ice girl friend (they sent it kinda big, almost a full two inch)


Right after aclimation with black one keeping distance guardeing his rbta:



After a day I come home to this




And the other couple (now happy after a nippy start)



Sorry, don't have many pics of the snowflake yet , I still haven't picked up a pack of razors for the glass.

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I guess i lucked out since I only ordered one of each and didn't have a choice on what I got, gotta say I love what sustainable aquatics does.

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Here's a better pic of the tiny snowflake now I cleaned the glass and they are actually hanging out together in the cup o xenia


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