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Coral Vue Hydros

Tisbe Pod tank


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My dragonet is already eating myst and some pellets but I do catch him on the hunt all the time. So I want to ensure a steady supply of copepods just encase. I have a 20 gallon now with 20lb or LR.


I plan to get a 2 Gallon tank, some LR, air-stone, and a light. Once its cycled add a Tisbe Pods


Any suggestions / input ?

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Veng is right about ditching the LR and light. Ditch the airstone too. Don't worry about putting it in a window though, just put it wherever it fits. Tisbes don't really like light anyway. Keep the water tinted slightly green with phyto and feed crushed flakes or pellets once a week. I keep mine in 2 liter bottles to make it easier to collect them, but any container works. Get something bigger than 2 gallons though. 5-10 would be better

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