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I'm custom building a 20 gallon nano and the only thing I am caught on is the overflow. Since its a 20 gallon, I didnt want to take up alot of interior space, but if I can have it quiet, then...


I like the idea of beans animal over flow but then I take up at least a 4"x 4" by 9ish inches in the top of my tank. (thought about having only two drain lines)


Second, buying a nano overflow box from glass holes.com which would take up alot less room.


3rd drill holes and have a custom built overflow area built on the back.


Maybe just have a small toothless overflow with a drain line or two or three on the back that goes to my custom built in drain on the back.


Help!!!! My first "custom build"

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I'll thow out something to consider. I'm not sure how it would work, just spitballing an idea.


Get the Glass-Holes overflow for the siphon drain (to provide some surface skimming), then just have a strainer (and external Durso) for your emergency drain.

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I personally would go with an all-internal overflow, like a drilled, 'reef ready' tank. I have a siphon overflow and the whole set up is more problematic than it's worth. Depending on how it's set up, you may have to restart the siphon every time you do a water change or turn the pump off for long enough to empty the display down below the overflow slits. With your other options, you will usually only have to get the water level back up above the overflow slits to get the overflow going again. Another reason for the internal overflow is that if one of your pipes should spring a leak up top for any reason, the water is going right back into the system instead of down the back of the tank and onto the floor. It's hard to tell that you have a problem until there's a major failure, though.

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