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Led lighting the DIY way?


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Alright, I'm looking to go DIY led bcuz I like the color and they are allot cheaper than t5 and mh I've noticed. So I've been messing around at home and I found some extra parts.

I have a old piece from an Atari video game. It has a big heat sink and my old computer does too. Can I use those for the lights heat sinks?

My old computer also has a power supply

Can I use that?

I'm looking to only have to buy the lights wires and drivers and whatever xtras I need to put it together

Is there anything else I'm missing?

If the power supply won't work can I find one for cheap at like a, radio shack?

I'd like to spend the least I can for the most I can

I'm really hoping to spend at most 150 dollars but would prefer not to

I went to aqua style and found the kits around 90 but hoped I could go cheaper

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Is the tank in question the 20L? Take a look at eBay gu10 bulbs, so far my build for a 20l is at like 75$ I'd link you but I'm on my phone

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I look but the prices are cheap on aqua style and rapid led

I'm thinking about doing it my mya but buying the heat sinks off rapid led and everything

Would it be cheaper to buy the kit or everything separate?

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