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First post: BioCube 14.


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This is my first attempt at a reef tank. So far i have pulled out the false floors in the rear chambers, upgraded the pump to a Maxi jet 900 to maintain GPH flow for the jbj chiller, added in the oceanic skimmer and modded it to have a larger overflow/collection cup and installed a pro led kit. I found out that the biocube that has the four switches on the hood does not except this hood so i found an older style hood and modded it to fit. I'm a total noob and I'm having a bit of a time maintaining KH at a proper level. It's currently at 16... I have read that 8-10 is ideal. I picked up a used RO/DI system from a buddy and have it mounted in the basement. It's not plumbed into an auto top off so i lug and prep 5 gallon buckets at a time... not such a big deal being such a low gallon set up IMO. Also in hindsight I would have pieced it together instead of using an all in one type set up by the time i'm done nothing will be as I bought it.. I'm planning a complete custom sump and fuge in the cabinet along with the chiller. Wish me luck...lol




PH: 8.2

Sal: 1.026

KH: 16

Cal: 460

Nitrates: .5



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