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Pump advise for 29 BC with 30 gallon sump


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So I experienced my first siphon loss early this morning and lucky caught it in time to where only a little water overflowed... thank god.


Anyhow, I used to have just a small 13 gallon rubbermaid sump in my stand, Being the cheap reefer that I am, I rigged it by using my rio 6 that I replaced the stock pump with a while ago in the sump, and putting the stock pump back in its original position with my 9002 tunze right above it, perfect fit. I don't have chambers in my sump, and the water level is constant in that chamber of my cube.


So my pump from my sump was overpowered in the first place, now its really under powered I guess do to the increased water volume and lack of baffles to create flow I'm assuming.


Can anyone give me there recommendations for a good pump for my sump? I have about 50 lbs of rock and I'm guessing maybe 40 -50 gallons of water, but have no idea really.


Any input would be much appreciated.

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It would appear that you have a design flaw in your sump system if your tank (or sump) was able to overflow... I would address that first.


pictures might help others understand what you have implemented, to provide further advice on proper corrective measures.

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