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Using JBJ Media Basket in Aquapod 12


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I picked up an inTank media basket that was originally built for the JBJ 12dx. It fits nicely in the first chamber where the water overflows but I noticed that the water level in those back chambers rose when I put the basket in. I think it is because the side panel on the media basket covers the one opening in the wall between the first and second chambers. I thought the opening between the first and second chambers was at the bottom of the chambers but its not, its an opening about half way up the wall that seperates the two chambers and the media baskets side wall covers it.


Is this okay or should I cut part of that side wall out so that its not obstructing the flow between the chambers? I would be basically cutting the side of the second level of the media basket so I imagine this would reduce functionality a bit? On the other hand, I feel like I'm not getting adequate flow any more. I'm upgrading to a MJ900 return pump, will this help?


Please advise. Thanks!!

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