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Are cleaner shrimp and pom poms always jerks?


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Ok, putting this in the beginner's section because there's a few things I'm new to.


I have a frogspawn with three heads that I've had for maybe 2 months. I read online that to get it to grow more to feed it mysis shrimp and have good lighting. (good idea?)


So today I fed my fish mysis and gave a healthy dose to each head. 15 minutes later, the heads were huge and it looked like (to me...so a noob with a tank that's been up for 6 months) that they were really enjoying it-they were way bigger than normal and those other tentacles were out of the center of it (very small but long, doesn't look like the rest of the frogspawn).


Just now (so about 1.5 hours after feeding), I caught my cleaner shrimp aggravating the heck out of the frogspawn. I continued to watch him and then saw him run away from the frogspawn with 3 or 4 shrimp hanging out of his mouth, just having a little feast! Then I saw the pom pom crab do the same thing to another head! They were literally pulling the food right out of the coral's mouth!


So, is this common? Is this a problem? I have no idea if they did it before I came up there, so maybe the frogspawn got some food, but I don't want to go overfeeding the tank or anything today, so it will be another week before I do another dose of mysis (I feed pellets once a day except for wednesdays where they get nothing), and then mysis usually on sunday or monday (I do it right before a water change).

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Yep, they will do that. Make yourself a little feeding tent by cutting the top of a plastic pop bottle and cover the frogspawn and then feed it through the hole in the top with a turkey baster. Give it enough time to fully consume the food.


I've also had success target feeding my cleaner shrimp first. Feed them until they aren't very hungry any more. Hard to imagine, but they do get full.

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