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Diatom destruction!


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Hey all...been lurking around here for a month or so as I prepared to set up a new (my first) SW tank. Just wanted to share my excitement with my new Mexican Turbo today. Set up my tank (29g BC) on 7/7, and started my diatom bloom this past Fri. Fine...I know it's part of the cycle and all. I have a CUC on the way from reefcleaners, but one thing I didn't get from him was a Turbo. Picked him up from the LFS around 1:00 today, acclimated for 15 mins, and then set him on my live my rock. Within 5 mins. There was a bright purple trail behind him...I can see the Coralline below the diatoms again!! This guy is a diatom MONSTER...love it!!


Anyway, read some mixed reviews as to whether or not these guys eat diatoms, so thought I'd share...my guys (MEXICAN Turbo) is just annihiliting the stuff!

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