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I was look at a diagram of a sump tha is posted on marine depot email I got.I shows the skimmer in the thired

bay of a four bay sump. Bay 1 has overflow tube with sock,bay 2 has refugium,bay 3 has skimmer and bay has

the return pump.I have my skimmer in the same bay as my overflow tube then refug then return pump.I have a three bay sump.This has me asking where is the best location for the skimmer? I thought it was right at the overflow water but now I'm not sure. :unsure:

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As long as there are no micro bubbles going to your return pump, put it anywhere. Its debatable whether or not it should be before or after a refugium with macros. If you have a sock, I say put it after.

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I have my skimmer in the overflow section of my sump (1st). This chamber is separated from the 2nd chamber (DSB and cryptic zone) by baffles preventing any micro bubbles from heading to the 3rd chamber (return). Works great. That said, it could go anywhere you want so long as you have baffles or some other method of dispersing the bubbles prior to the return.

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Yea ,As I had said I have mine in the first bay.My thought was put it in the first bay with the overflow tube cause thats where the I felt it would do the most good.But I guess your guys are right it really doesn't matter much.

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