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FrankTheTank's 75g new tank build


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Hi all,

well i have been a long time nano-reef lurker trying to absorb all of the knowledge and info about all that is reef, fish, coral, and inverts before I started my first go at a saltwater reef tank and I still think I have only scratched the surface but here goes nothing.

So I have been piecing together my tank for a couple months now, and I started with a Marineland 75G reef tank with a corner overflow with a 4x54 watt t5 HO lamp for lighting and 2 Hydor Koralia Evolution 1050gph with wavemaker for water flow. I added a 20L for the sump with a NW-150 reef octopus skimmer and a MAG 7 return and about a 6-7 gallon refugium. In the tank i have about 70 pounds of live sand, 70lbs of dry base rock seeded with 10lbs of live rock and to top it all off I just set up my Reef Keeper Light with ORP, temp, and ph probe.

I am currently about 2 1/2 weeks into my cycle and everything is progressing nicely. Im gonna try and get some pictures up right now of my entire set up because i would really love to get suggestions, comments, and advice from people who have done this before and can maybe help me avoide some of the common pitfallsof this hobby/obsession


This is just the rock work that i have done so far



My electrical cabinet



My skimmer and return



My skimpy fuge and RKL probes



My DIY netting covers



The RKL (with child proof cover!)



Full system shot



Just a pic of some of the GREAT live rock from the local LFS


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Yeah my two year old cracked 3 of the latches on my electrical cabinet so I finally just had to use a padlock!

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An unexpected up date, I was adjusting some of my rock work when a quarter inch bright green mantis shrimp fell right out of the live rock. Luckily I was able to corner him and snatch him up and into my pest refugium he went! I have no idea what kind of mantis he is but he is bright green and what looks like a club not a spear, if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears!

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