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Opinion for Cadlights build....


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Hey everybody, I've been off the reef keeping grid for a few years but am ready to jump in head first again. I'm building a house that will be done in October which will be the setup time for this build. I want shallow, Rimless, and starfire. I am torn between two different setups, a part of me really wants to do a custom AIO build with dimensions around 36x36x16 with approx 7in in the rear for equipment. I was having a very hard time finding a company that would build this but finally have with Cadlights. I was leaning toward this option for cleanliness of setup, simplicity, and quietness. After encountering so much resistance with builders I started to explore the more traditional options and was looking at the 70g Artisan II system from Cadlights which I really like as well. I'm looking to keep a mixed reef with a simplistic approach to maintenance. Equipment wise the basics MP10's, either LED's or MH+T5's, skimmer, reactor, ATO, and controller. So I would just like to hear from people to gather some opinions and possibly some things I might have overlooked in my decision process. Also I am leaning towards cadlights as they have the modern clean look I'm looking for as well as a nice price point. Anyone with experience with them as well please let me know your thoughts as well. Thanks for the help everybody and I'm really looking forward to this build and actually putting together a nice build thread.


Thanks, Andrew

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