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Nuvo 30 or 38?


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Looking in to getting a nuvo 30 or 38 gallon. Which should i get? I figured the smaller one would be less maintenance since it i ls snaller but maybe larger would be etter for water quality. Any idea if these are noisy at all i am puttin it next to my couch. Also im planning on not using a skimmer for noise reasons so which size is better for that. Thank you! :o

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I have a Nuvo 38 and absolutely love it. I would suggest the larger size so you have more water volume not to mention "real estate". I run a Hydor Slim Skim Nano skimmer and it is very quite (quiter than the fan on the light). I would recommend getting the Spin Stream nozzles also as they create very good random water flow for the tank.


Here is a link to my thread with a FTS I took yesterday: http://www.3reef.com/forums/show-off-your-...uvo-132910.html


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. My tank has been running for 7 months now.

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Thanks for the reply. Is th tank itself noisy ( return pump, water trickling?) or is it silent as long as there is filter material in? Thanks.

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Go with the 38 you won't regret it. My has been up a little less than a month and I love it. As long as you keep it topped off you won't hear a thing. Mine is in the family room as well.



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Which light is that buster?


AI Nano. Prob not enough light for a tank full of SPS but mine is temporary. Preordered the Vega for this tank. And now I wait.....

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