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Clown Fish Pair behaviour


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Quick question to all the clownfish experts out there,


I have a small pair of clownfish. It's not my first time having a pair and I'm aware of all their weird quirks but I was wondering what behaviour they show when pairing and displaying dominance. I've noticed that one of my clowns does often "nip" and chase the other clown. It doesn't appear to ever lead to anything major other than probably just annoying the other clown.


Is this normal when it comes to "dominance" of one that will eventually become female?


Oh I'd also like to add that they sleep side by side at night so they do almost look like a pair. I've never seen the other clown do a submission dance or wutever it's called tho.


Thx for the input

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I know there's clownfish experts here


I'd like to know too. I'm not sure if it's one of my clowns or both of them do that shimmy lookin thing around the other one.. and then sometimes one gets fiesty and chases the other one out of the area.

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Yeah... It's normal as long as doesn't lead to one terrorizing the other and constantly going after it.


At times the dominent clown feels the need to exert it's dominance over the other and as long as the other responds submissively everything is good.


If the chasing / fighting / nipping goes on for a long period of time there is the possibility of the one killing the other. I've seen that behaviour from mature clowns that are either A) territorial and B) from a larger female that may not think the male is a suitable mate.

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