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Picking an RO setup


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Hey so I'm in the market to buy an RO setup. preferably something that's portable as I tend to move a lot. While this isn't just for aquarium water I thought I might as well search for something that can produce water with quality good enough for a salt water tank. Obviously this is going to be for an tank setup as well. All that aside I recently graduated (hoorray bachelors!) and got a nifty little 25$ gift card to amazon, thus I've been looking at some of the RO machines on the site. Any reccomendations? I was thinking of not making a DIY one as I just want one good to go etcetc.


ok so here's a model I was thinking of:


Yo is this cool?!

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You don't want one of those cobbled up horizontal throw away filters. The initial cost may be low but replacement filters are harder to find, do not come in reef quality micron ranges, cost more when you do find them and since they are smaller they do not last as long meaning a much higher cost of operation. That plus they really aren't any smaller, they are a little shorter but bigger around due to all the little filters clipped to the membrane housing.


ANY RO/DI can be used portable, its as simple as connecting and disconnecting it to a faucet or hose bib and storing it in a closet or under the sink when not in use.


For $128 compare this unit to the one you linked to which costs $129:



Differences worth noting,

1. Full size standard 10", 0.5 micron replacable sediment filter in a standard clear 10" canister versus a throw away unknown micron range non standard sediment filter that is not nearly as large despite their claims.

2. A 0.5 micron 10" 20,000 gallon solid carbon block again replacable in a clear canister versus a small throw away granular activated carbon filter I guarantee will not last 300 gallons of total flow, thats on 60 gallons of treated water before it is shot at the normal 4:1 waste ratio.

3. A specially treated and batch tested 90 GPD high rejection rate RO membrane versus a dry untested unknown brand 75 GPD membrane of unknown quality.

4. A full size 10" 20 oz fresh reef specific DI cartridge which is refillable and again in a clear 10" housing that is guaranteed to outperform any other resin on the market versus a small 9-12 oz (typical) unknown quality or blend and especially unknown age throw away DI. This is critical as DI resin has a shelf life of around 6 months even when stored properly.


Add to that an inline pressure gauge, wall bracket, a full length capillary tube flow restrictor you trim your self for your exact conditions and backed by a US company in the same AZ city for over 25 years versus I won't even comment on where this one comes from.

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