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Drunken Master's GLA 36-L

Drunken Master

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Drunken Master

Current FTS:



I been on this site before under a different username (dont remember). I been having nano reef withdrawals for a year or so after leaving the hobby temporarily. I thought a freshwater planted tank would hold me over but who was i kidding nano reef>>>>planted tank!!

Don't have any set plans for this tank yet but I am leaning towards a green banded goby (maybe a pair of them, but that might be pushing it) and definitely putting some sps in the tank acros,montis and so on.



GLA 36-L

BoostLED Par30- 2rb 1b 1cw 1ww

Current USA internal nano surface skimmer filter

hydor theo heater

digital timer light strip



Stuff coming in the mail this sometime this week:

po4 test

alk test


35ppt refractometer calibration liquid

coral dip


To buy list:

Tunze Nano Osmolator*** When its released sometime this fall

better heater

quieter return pump that fits in subcurrent filter

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Drunken Master
Get your wiskers wet lol :)

I just placed my order for my ro/di containers because of you

btw my avatar is not me if thats what you were referring to by "whiskers"


following this one. gonna be fun. :D

welcome to the forum btw



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Drunken Master
Is the "GLA" logo embedded onto the glass permanently or is it also a sticker like ada and Mr. Aqua? Thanks.


I saw another post where you asked the same thing? Do you really want one with an engraved logo lol?


theyre a sticker


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! :D:o:D:o BOXES!!




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Drunken Master
i looked at the 36L the other day and i its really growing on me. i wanna start one bad.


I say go for the ADA mini m. I dealt with 3 ada tanks and 1 do!aqua one and can honestly say the quality of the ada and do!aqua tanks are far superior than any of the imitation tanks that companies like mr.aqua or GLA put out. I only went with GLA because i had store credit otherwise it would of been ADA.

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Drunken Master

So apparently the container company thought it would be cool if they sent me one cap instead of 2 for my 5 gallon containers. So for right now I only have one container for my ro/di water.



I was going to use this for ato but it has a small nub on the bottom which makes it rock back and forth so thinking about returning that.


Does anyone know a company that does custom acrylic work? I want to get a ato reservoir made.


Anyways refractometer doesnt get here till tomorrow i think so for the meantime this thing stays dry. :angry:

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Drunken Master

Got the tank going today. Still no filter, waiting on another member to ship the filter.


Saw this little guy at the store. Cant wait to be cycled so I can get one



Went home mixed some salt and started working on my layout.

looks cooler in person



cave for future goby :D


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Drunken Master

Received filter today and placed an order on a few more things like Kh and po4 test, chemipure elite.

Heater i have is complete garbage. Anybody have experience with the finnex titanium heaters? I need something that will keep 79*-81* all day with out a problem.



Test results from this morning. What you guys think? I dont really know what to make of my ammonia result. It looks like it could be 0 but maybe not. I just setup this tank earlier this week, it seem too fast for the cycle to be coming to an end.



On another note, i attended a frag swap and came out with 6 different frags. LFS is kind enough to hold on to them for me while my tank cycles. I picked up radioactive green zoas, eagle eyes, miami hurricane chalice, green monti, Green Pocillopora Damicornis, Green Hydnophora

Heres a pic of the miami hurricane frag


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Drunken Master

Had to move in the corals early. Corals seem to be doing pretty good. Diatom looks like its dying out and GHA is slowly taking its place.



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Drunken Master
niccee, i really want a rimless tank now. shallow to be excact.


Thanks. Yea im thinking about getting a picO aquarium tank when they come back. I like shallow tanks especially with a built in sump so I can hide all the equipment.

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