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Hi...We justed started reefing this past February with a 14G Biocube and got hooked. Just this past Sunday we started a Picotope and I would like to upgrade the lighting sooner then later(if the budget allows).


I saw some older posts about a perfect fixture for the picotopes. It was a 12" Current Dual Satellite fixture. However, it is my understanding that this fixture is no longer manufactured.


Does anyone know of something similar or even a better route then this fixture? Any advice is welcome. And again hello.


Thanks in advance.

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hello i am also new to this forum and currently have a fluval edge reef 6 gallon.

The par 38 led light from ecoxotic or the jbj unibody led should be sufficient for your aquarium.

on my aquarium i plan to put an aqua illumination nano that is dimmable and fits right over the opening.

ur light depends on how much u are willing to spend and if u plan to have soft, lps, or sps corals. post a picture of your tank and good luck on finding a light! :lol:

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Quick, easy, and good looking solution is a PAR30 Led with Lamp Clamp from BoostLed.com. It would be perfect for your tank and let you keep just about whatever you wanted.

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