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Ecospire's dual spire cube


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After having "been" in the hobby for a little over a year and survived countless beginner mistakes,a tank crash, cyano battles, and tank casualties, I feel that I have reached the point at which I would like to keep a running journal about the progress and experience of my tank. My goal for this tank is to take in as much experience that I can on a small scale before I tread into deeper waters (pun intended) and move into a larger and more satisfying reefing experience.


The current setup was restarted at the end of May '12 after breaking it down from a long battle with cyano bacteria. The tank is a Oceanic Biocube 14 with few modifications.


  • Equipment
  • Oceanic Biocube 14 from 2011
  • 150w Fish Need It Metal Halide with Phoenix 14000k
  • Oceanic Mini Protein Skimmer
  • Hydor Koralia Nano
  • Hydor Flo Deflector
  • Aqueon 50w heater (looking to replace)
  • Maxi-jet 1200
  • DIY Media Rack
  • Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
  • Approximately 14lbs of reefcleaners.org Florida Reef Rock
  • 10lbs of Nature's Ocean Aragonite sand
  • Topless: Replaced hood with Metal Halide fixture
  • Removed all false bottoms
  • Removed Bio-balls
  • Removed the tab restricting flow into Chamber 2
  • DIY Media Rack:
    Filter Floss Shelf 1
    Purigen Shelf 2
    Chemi-pure Elite Shelf 3
  • Bangaii Cardinal
  • Australian Two Spot Goby Random death.
  • Blue Legged Hermit
  • Left-handed Hermit
  • Various Snails
  • A few brittle stars
  • SPS:
    None yet
  • LPS:
    Two Headed Branching Hammer One head died of Brown jelly disease.
    Unknown Favia (LFS owner gave it to me since it wasn't looking too hot)
  • Softies:
    Armor of Gods Zoas
    Green Star Polyps
  • Weekly 3 gallon water changes
  • Weekly wipe down of salt creep
  • Bi-daily dosing of Kent's Nano Part A and B
  • Daily filter floss change
  • Daily glass cleaning
    To Purchase List:
    1. RO/DI Setup (Next major purchase)
    2. APEX Jr
    3. MP10ES
    4. LED moonlights for MH fixture
    5. ATO setup

This is a personal thank you for anyone who has taken the time to look at my build, and to those whom I have borrowed much information from. I appreciate you!


Current FTS:





More crappy phone pictures to come!

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pics or it didnt happen


Here is a shot I took from my phone after having hung the light. More to follow as I have time in a day or two :P. Also pre-shopping spree at LFS!



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Not at all :/ He never swam near the top at all. This morning he was hiding in his borrow for a bit after the lights came on and was just acting lethargic. Came home from work and he had very labored breathing. Thirty minutes later he was gone. Yesterday he ate his pellet and mysis as always, then today nothing. Bah.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a quick update. Put in my first batch of the Coral Pro salt today. Everything looks happy as can be. In the last week my zoas have had two new polyps pop up and the favia the LFS gave me seems to be recovering. Thanks anyone who gives this a read!

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