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Im looking to setup a nano reef. I have to stick with a tank size of about 6-16 gallons. I have been looking at the 12 gallon fluval edge until i came upon this site, now im not sure. Cost is somewhat of a factor. Any advice on other brands as well as the fluval would be great. Pros cons etc. thanks.

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Here's my advice, a nano reef will cost between 50-100 dollars per gallon. I'm not kidding. That's how much you'll spend by the time you are done. Now that that's out of the way.


I really wouldn't advice going with the fluval edge. It's a very, VERY nice looking tank, but it will require a LOT of mods to work as a reef tank. The biggest issue is lighting. You will end up with a spot light effect from the lights. Also, any kind of HOB refugium is pretty much dead in the water from the start.


My advice is to figure out what you want to keep both short term and long term and go from there. Also how much equipment whoring you want to do. AIO tanks are great if you don't change much of the equipment and you don't keep demanding corals. However, if you want to keep demanding corals they aren't a good starting point.


Put together a list of what you want to keep, a stock list of both corals and fish and then let that guide you to the equipment you need to keep it.

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Im not really sure what i want to put in the tank,as im new to the hobby. I have had numerous freshwater tanks over the years of all sizes. I want to try a reef setup this time and dont have much room for a big tank. I realize i can only have one or two fish in a tank of these sizes. Any recommendations on what would be good starter combo of fish/corals that look good and are relatively hardy? I know that combo is probably hard to come by but im just looking for suggestions at this point. Thanks for the info also.

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find something already set up and at a decent price on craigslist. Where are you located? I'll take a look for you :)

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