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Refugium maintainence


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What sort of maintenance does one need to do on the fuge? I have a 35g sump with fuge and I have several macros in there. I also have Miracle Mud. Lately I have noticed a lot of coraline algae growth on the walls. In addition the water on the fuge side has a film on the surface. I cut the chaeto from time to time when the growths too much but don't disturb anything else in there. Just want to eb sure there is nothing else I should be doing.

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I have Fiji mud in mine, once a year I'll replace half of it and that's the only fuge maintanece I do. I too have a lot of coralline on the walls but it's my fuge so I just let it get all nasty, but you could clean the glass if you want.


Be sure when your replace half the mud to give it atleast 24hrs before hooking back up to DT because the water gets really cloudy when stirring that stuff up.

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