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14000K'd Cube-O-Sea


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After having "been" in the hobby for a little over a year and survived countless beginner mistakes,a tank crash, cyano battles, and tank casualties, I feel that I have reached the point at which I would like to keep a running journal about the progress and experience of my tank. My goal for this tank is to take in as much experience that I can on a small scale before I tread into deeper waters (pun intended) and move into a larger and more satisfying reefing experience.


The current setup was restarted at the end of May '12 after breaking it down from a long battle with cyano bacteria. The tank is a Oceanic Biocube 14 with few modifications.


  • Equipment
  • Oceanic Biocube 14 from 2011
  • 150w Fish Need It Metal Halide with Phoenix 14000k
  • Oceanic Mini Protein Skimmer
  • Hydor Koralia Nano
  • Hydor Flo Deflector
  • Aqueon 50w heater (looking to replace)
  • Stock return pump (for now)
  • DIY Media Rack
  • Instant Ocean Salt (Soon switching to Red Sea Coral Pro)
  • Approximately 14lbs of reefcleaners.org Florida Reef Rock
  • 10lbs of Nature's Ocean Aragonite sand
  • Topless: Replaced hood with Metal Halide fixture
  • Removed all false bottoms
  • Removed Bio-balls
  • Removed the tab restricting flow into Chamber 2
  • DIY Media Rack:
    Filter Floss Shelf 1
    Purigen Shelf 2
    Chemi-pure Elite Shelf 3
  • Bangaii Cardinal
  • Australian Two Spot Goby
  • Blue Legged Hermit
  • Left-handed Hermit
  • Various Snails
  • A few brittle stars
  • SPS:
    None yet
  • LPS:
    Two Headed Branching Hammer
    Unknown Favia (LFS owner gave it to me since it wasn't looking too hot)
  • Softies:
    Armor of Gods Zoas
    Green Star Polyps
  • Weekly 3 gallon water changes
  • Weekly wipe down of salt creep
  • Bi-daily dosing of Kent's Nano Part A and B
  • Daily filter floss change
  • Daily glass cleaning
    To Purchase List:
    1. RO/DI Setup (Next major purchase)
    2. APEX Jr
    3. MP10ES
    4. Maxi-jet 900
    5. LED moonlights for MH fixture
    6. ATO setup

This is a personal thank you for anyone who has taken the time to look at my build, and to those whom I have borrowed much information from. I appreciate you!


Current FTS:

Coming Soon! B)

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