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Building a 10gal sump for my 20gal


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Hey everybody,


As you can see from the title I'm building a sump out of a 10gal that I had lying around. Originally when I was getting into the hobby I was just going to do a 10gal, but decided a 20 would be better. The other reason for the 10gal sump is space constraints under my stand. Anywho, I just wanted to know what your guys' opinions are of putting a fuge in such a small sump. Currently I'm debating between the skimmer or the fuge route, and I've been getting quite a few differing opinions. I'm hoping to get something that will clean up the surface a bit, however the clarity is quite good so far. The idea is to get rid of the HOB filter that I have and increase the stability of my system. Money isn't an issue either.


Here's currently what I have in the display tank:

2 clowns

1 six line

2 turbos

5 ceriths

5 nas snails

2 reg legged hermits

1 (gigantor..lol) blue legged hermit

1 frogspawn

1 hammer

1 mushroom

1 acan colony (~7 heads)

1 crocea clam

2 favias

1 open brain

3 small colonies of zoas

1 skunk cleaner

1 slimer sps

1 unknown sps (growing quite well though)


Running to koralia 240 pumps, heater, hob penguin with the wheel removed, Mazzerra maxspec LED's (going to put these in the sump if I do a fuge and run Radions up top). I do 25% water change weekly and I'm running Red Sea Coral Pro Salt at 1.025.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I would make the whole 10 a fuge, with a hob skimmer on the fuge - if you have room.

If you have the maxspec LEDs on the fuge, you could make it a display refugium with lots of nice macros.

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