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5 Gallon Nano startup


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This is an old 5 gallon i had for feeder fish (for my fresh water )





I already have an established tank ( only been up for 4 months at this current house ) and i only have fish and live rock in that tank... so i wanted to get a nano up and running ...




Im using some lights that i had and only one bulb is in the fixture because the other one broke when replacing it ...





This was my first set up with coral, i have never gotten corals






Got this fraq for only 25$ !!!




This guy was 5 $




i do top offs daily and give them 5 drops of phytoplex daily - no skimmer just that main filter on the back



Found this guy in my main tank in the back - decided to add him as well just a lonely shroom









After cutting the filters intake - making it shorter i got more live rock in the tank im overdoing it on my LR but im just swapping it from my main tank


New setup -




After i did that i went about a week and have already started seening polyps everywhere!




As you can see the shoot all the way at the top among to many smaller Zoa's that my camera cant zoom in and be focused ( Android )





Then after this i went and redid my main tank aquascape - and i found this guy !!! - i got my live rock off Clist as a trade for a laptop - 250 pds of live rock and i never saw this guy in the back for about 2 months. I cant get him off of it but i want him in the main tank, id guess hes a Chinese shroom ?


hes over an inch in diam




any help getting him off would be appreciated i cant get him off because i dont know how and dont want to hurt him!



Soon a canister filter is coming with a spray bar, i know its not the norm but im going to try it.



Hope you guys enjoy!

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