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Cultivated Reef

Matts Custom All-in-one Starfire rimless braceless cade


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Another setup, out with the old in with the new. Downsizing preparing for the purchase of my first house. Luckily i was able to stay in the hobby even tho i was close to shutting my tank down all together. as you all know i put alot of work into my tanks. this will be no exception! just because it is a nano doesn't mean it wont be visually stunning.





Lets see what i can achieve and if i can out do the last!


System Objectives: All in one with STYLE, And to have an amazing coral wonderland of course?


Type of reef: LPS and softy dominated





Display System:


Initial Fill Date: Feb 2012


Display Tank Dimensions: 60x45x45 Starfire, Rimless, Braceless, Minimal silicon.


Display Lighting: Illumagic Blaze Advanced 60CM Led unit


Stand: Cade Black With glass




Hood or Rimless: Rimless (even tho i said i would never do it again!)


Sump Design: Now this is where it gets interesting :)

This tank is actually sump-less, what it does however have is a black acrylic box that i had custom made to the size of 30x45x8, this box has laser cut slots that acts as a weir and surface skimmer. housed in the box is a tunze 9002 skimmer, what is decently overrated for this size system. to make the tunze fit i had to get a custom "intank" skimmer cup from the states what has a smaller footprint. the box also holds the tubes for the dosing pump what auto doses calc alk and phosphate binder. it also houses the RO water auto topup float valve and water line, this box also houses a bag of passive carbon and a heater. return water from the box is handled by a hydor pico 700lph pump, what is feed from water that passes through a bubble trap.


so far this design is working EXCELLENT glad i went this approach and is working great for me at the present time.


Filtration: All Natural





Support systems:


NSW or ASW: Mix of both for AFSW i use red sea coral pro salt


Display Water circulation: Vortech MP10


Return Pump: Hydor Pico 700LPH


Skimmer: Tunze 9002 with custom "in tank" acrylic cup


Evaporation Top Up: Auto






Chemical additions:


Calcium Addition:Red sea liquid additive


Alkilinity Addition:Red sea liquid additive


Magnesium Addition:Red sea liquid additive


Run alot of zeo products based around a LPS system seems to be working well so far




im not going to post all the old stuff but it can be found here for those that are interested http://www.thereefuge.com.au/board/threads...al-jungle.2254/

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Wow absolutely stunning colors and great photography. That cluster of hammers in the third shot is amazing, are they all different morphs? Cant wait to see more!

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Wow absolutely stunning colors and great photography. That cluster of hammers in the third shot is amazing, are they all different morphs? Cant wait to see more!

thanks for the kind words!!


Best LPS tank ever!





heres some more pics for you guys





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Best collection of hammers I have ever seen. This tank is going to be insane. How is the lemn peel doing with the Lps

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