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which euphyllia is more aggressive?


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I want a torch, hammer, or frogspawn for my 5g and have figured out a way to block the sweepers with my flow and I also am gonna have it 6" away from other corals, but which one is the least aggressive? I am leaning more towards the branching hammer or torch. and also which is most likely to host a true perc?

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A torch will decimate anything in your tank due to size. Less than a year my torch went from dime sized bud to 7 inch wide and 4-5 inches tall. It is also the most aggressive.


A wall hammer is your safest bet, it grows the slowest and isn't as aggressive as torch. Cost a bit however.

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Torch corals i think have the strongest sting, while hammers come next and then are fallowed by frogspawn, but if your looking to have a host for your clown i have noticed that my clowns stay away from my purple torch and hangout in the frogspawn and hammer.

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