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I'm about as green as they come in the world of SW but I've decided to take on the challenge of of a nano tank as my first, so here I am. I know that bigger is easier but with the limited space I have it's go small or go home.


-right now I have the new Fluval V Spec 5 gallon tank cycling with live rock, a heater, stock lighting(for now) and the stock pump.

-I'm in the process of finding an alternate light source

-I was elated to find a controllable Koralia nano power head (100-260gph) as I intended on running it at 100GPH only to get it home and find out it requires a $200+ wave generator)

-My intentions are to start out free swim with one oscelaris clown and a snail or two


So that's where I'm at, and here I am!

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Welcome to NR!


First things first, don't put a clown in a 5gal, espcially since this is your first saltwater tank. They tend to do better in the 20gal range. Try a goby for a tank that small, they do well in smaller tanks.


Secondly, start a build thread and start taking pics! We like to see how things progress :)

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