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MP-10 and Nanocube 12DX plus MJ-900


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Hello all, Hope everyone had a great 4th. I'm getting a MP-10 blue box version for my Nano cube 12 gal. I've already upgraded the stock pump awhile back to the Maxi jet 900 so my question is...


Should I put the stock pump for the nano cube back in place and run that with the MP-10 ? As I'm thinking the MJ-900 with the MP-10 might be a bit much for this small tank. (which I could just control the MP-10's power) but what do you guys think?


I'd like to get some thoughts and feedback on this. Thanks



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Thanks for the reply Nano420, I'll keep the MJ-900 inline then and setup the MP-10 without blasting everything. Yes and I was thinking after I'd posted this, that the Mj-900 will likely be needed to help pick up the add stuff that the MP-10 will get moving around in the tank (a good thing). Thanks again


i had a mj900 in my 12nc with a mp10 and my corals/fish loved it. just dont blast the mp10 so hard.
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