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Affordable pump?


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Hello I am setting up a 90 gallon reef tank... I am trying to spend as little as possible. (Please don't tell me to get a smaller tank I already have this one and I am trying to save money) I am doing a DIY 20 gallon refugium. I don't know which return pump to get. I want a decent one but I don't want to spend taht much money...

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Well, MAG drive pumps are cheap, also made as "pond pumps" at HD or Lowes. (even cheaper)


I have used Quiet One Pumps for some time with no complaints.

Just have to clean them occasionally.

I have a Q1 6000 on a 65 / 20 sump with two reactors.

The Q1 runs the entire system except for the skimmer.


I've replaced it once in three(?) years I think. Froze up with Cal deposits and melted the inside where the magnet spins ... my fault for not cleaning it.

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Big maxijet probably would be the cheapest... you could always sell the 90 buy a tank and then have money left over?

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How much gph do I need for this setup? (the 90g with 20g fuge)


Depends on what ya wanna do. Just gonna use for return or run additional equipment?

With a 90 gallon, ya can go pretty big. I'd suggest one pump and use it for the return and to run reactors in the future if ya want. Less plugs to mess with. Little more work in pluming, but better in the long run.


My return has the main line to the tank (one valve) with a T to the sump(another valve).

Off the main line is a Y to the reactors.

So, I never have to turn off the pump, just divert the flow to the sump with two valves for big feedings, water changes, whatever.

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