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My new (sort of) Fluval Edge SW tank


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I've had a Fluval Edge with freshwater in it for a couple years. It has been languishing. The stock lights died several months ago and I jsut didn't know what to do with it. I didn't want to ditch it. It's in the living room and is a really nice looking piece. it complements the room. So I decided today to dump the FW fish in my daughter's goldfish tank and switch the Fluval over to salt. Here are the results so far.


I picked up a Marineland LED strip that's made to be accent in a bigger tank. It miraculously fit the Fluval perfectly. A little black electrical tape applied across the front and, while it's not the sexiest thing in the world, that thing gives off good light. Given that Fluval's own LED retro fixture is this huge thing that fits on top of the canopy and ruins the whole look of the tank, I like my solution pretty well.


I'm still running the stock Fluval-badged Aquaclear 20 but I ditched the sponge and I'm running two carbons and two bio pellet thingies. I kept the black sand I had in there, the marbles for "pop", and about 3-4lbs of live rock.


Whatcha think?




With the blues only


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